Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 3: May 2nd

Work today was a very different speed compared to yesterday.  While prolonged manual labor dominated the work yesterday, today we got to work both indoors and outdoors in preparation for the Walk and Roll tomorrow.  In the morning, a few students stapled signed to stakes while the rest worked in the public relations office where they organized t-shirts, laminated signs, packed bags, and cut papers. Working quickly and efficiently, we had lots of down time and were still ahead of schedule.
After loading a truck full of tent building materials and signs, we headed over to the park to set up for the Walk and Roll.  Hope graciously bought us a boxed lunch of either wraps or sandwiches and also brought bottled water.  With our bellies full of lunch, we headed over to the truck to unload and built the tents.  After organizing poles and tarps into four locations, a red bus pulled up with a group of Alaskan Military Youth Academy boys to help with the set-up process.  With so many helping hands, the tents were constructed and tethered down in no time and we got to relax out in the sun.  For dinner, we were planning on ordering in pizza to the house; however, Susan recommended we go to The Moose’s Tooth, one of the most popular restaurants in Anchorage and home of Anchorage’s best slice of pizza.  Worried about the dinner rush and the difficulty of seating a large group of students, we call ahead to warn the restaurant, and arrived at 4:30 PM. Luckily, it took only fifteen minutes to get us seated while the general wait time was over an hour. The pizza was “damn good” and “the best I’ve ever had” according to students.  

After a good day of work and play, we headed back the house to rest up, write reflections, journal, and enjoy nature. While in the midst of our relaxing evening, Susan came into the living room and says there’s a moose outside.  Everyone instantly dropped what they were doing, grabbed the nearest camera, and sprinted outside.  It was a younger moose that was just moseying through town, walking away from us.  Everyone was incredibly excited to see the moose so close to our house.
Around 9 PM, we left for Flat Top in a packed van with the tunes playing.  Everyone was having a great time grooving to the music as we drove to the trailhead.  Connor garnered extra laughs since he decided to wear a cow costume to the trail.  At the top of the mountain overlooking Anchorage, we watched the sun set and took some group pictures.  The idea of a jumping picture was posed to the group; however, they didn’t turn out very well.  Nevertheless, the sunset over Anchorage was a beautiful way to end the day and we left for home happy and content. 

Tomorrow is Hope Walk and Roll fundraising event.  A 1K, 5K, and 16K trail will be available along with other activities for participants.   

(C) 2014. All photos are the property of Benjamin Bogard. All rights reserved.

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