Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 22: May 21st

Our final day in Alaska.  

We solemnly left Seward in the late afternoon.  The bus ride to Anchorage would take approximately three hours.  However, we stopped at the Trail Lake for a final group photograph.  The reflection was amazing! We also stopped at the nearby Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to drive through the animal exhibits.  The Conservation Center is home to black bear, grizzly bear, elk, caribou, fox, lynx, deer, and the only known heard of wood bison in the state. We finally got to see bears! While not in the wild, this was the next best thing.  They were playing and relaxing in the water.
While we were driving, our views of the lakes, forests, and mountains were slightly obscured by a ghostly haze.  The fuzziness on the horizon was caused by a forest fire burning a ways away from our destination.  

We arrived in Anchorage and stopped one last time a Hope Community Resources.  Two students, Malindi and Kelsey, will be working at Hope over the summer.  They were departing us at this time.  We said our goodbyes and Malindi and Kelsey were on their way to their new summer jobs.  We also headed over to East 20th, our home away from home in Anchorage to pick up some clothes and equipment people had forgotten.  We said one last goodbye to the Irish students and also ran into Malindi and Kelsey who will be staying at East 20th during the summer.  Saying another goodbye, we headed down to the coast to wait relax before going to the airport.  We played on a playground by the coast, called friends and family, and relaxed by the water.  

Our flight boards at 8:45 PM Pacific Time and will be arriving at the Minneapolis and St. Paul airport around 6 AM Central Standard Time.  See you soon!!

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