Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 6: May 5th

Today, work at Hope was divided and delegated to specific groups.  One group stayed back at the main office building and painted more of the executive hallway.  After finishing the hallway with beige paint, they started on the offices, painting them blue and green.  Another group also worked with paint.  They traveled to Eagle Ridge to move furniture and scrape paint off houses that Hope owns for its residents.  One student also went to power wash the siding of another house Hope owned.  Also, three students left to spend the night at the Hope Ranch where they worked and socialized with the subsistence farmers. Our work day was from 8 AM to 5 PM and afterwards, we went to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at a Mexican restaurant.  It was crazy busy, but we had quite the experience.  Afterwards, when we got home, a small group lead by Karla danced the Macarena.  With our stomachs full, the group broke up. Some hiked while others chilled at home and watched a horribly bad b-movie called The Bates Haunting. Either way, everyone was preparing for the long work day tomorrow.  

Due to the distance between work sites, there is no daily recap video for this day and minimal photos.  A compilation of multiple days will be made after a significant amount of footage is acquired.  

 (C) 2014. All photos are the property of Benjamin Bogard. All rights reserved.

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