Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 13: May 12th

Today begins our last week working for Hope. 

More work greeted the crew this Monday.  Students broke up into small groups again to complete different maintenance projects for Hope. Paint continues to be a big theme of our time at Hope as scraping paint and painting were two of the major work activities.  In addition, students cleaned offices and organized offices.  Also, some students were lucky enough to work at the Discovery Center today.  They worked with kids, helping teach today’s topic of personal hygiene in a “Life Skills” course and playing with the children in the park. 

After the workday was finished, a group headed over to Earthquake Park to hike through the woods and admire the scenic landscapes.  With a beach nearby, the group also enjoyed the sunset over the ocean near Anchorage.  

Unfortunately, we learned today that no more students are allowed to go to the Ranch.  For unforeseen circumstances, the group who left for the Ranch in the morning returned that same time with the news that no more groups would be traveling up to the Ranch.  The news came much to the dismay of Susan and the students.  The last group that was planning to visit the Ranch on Wednesday and Thursday was crestfallen.  However, they will be planning a special trip to make up for the lost Ranch visit.

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