Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 9: May 8th

Another beautiful day in Alaska! And more scraping! With the weather nice again, students were back outside volunteering for Hope.  House work was the main focus today.  Some people did the usual routine of scraping and painting siding while others got new work.  Two students scaled the roof of a house to paint a chimney while others painted a ceiling.  Another student worked on building a porch with two Hope construction workers.  This included sanding boards and screwing them together to build the porch.  The students at the Hope Ranch will be staying another night, one more than previously planned in order to finish a work project.  

"I am having so much fun in the middle of nowhere with no running water in our cabin and an outhouse for the bathroom. I feel like I'm in duck dynasty!"

While this may cause a mix-up with work numbers tomorrow, we will certainly be flexible about it.  With the work day ending around 5 PM, everyone went to Walmart to polish off the food supply.  A few of the students Skyped with friends and family upon returning to the house while others journaled or enjoyed the nice weather with the Irish students.  In the evening, a group watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre before going to bed, ready to start another day of volunteering.

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