Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 10: May 9th

Happy Friday!

More of the same work today. However, there was less painting for the majority of the group.  A group of students raked leaves, did other lawn work, and played around with the wheelbarrows too, enjoying some good bonding time with the Hope staff.  While out exploring for a bit, the group saw a moose right next to the road!  So far, Moose have been the only significant wildlife we have seen on the trip.  For work, other groups power washed siding while others polished cabinets.  When the day was done, everyone was excited to head back to the house and enjoy their Friday evening.  Many people relaxed on the couches, read outside, or walked to the nearby Goose Lake to watch the sun go down. 

Tomorrow is Taylor Dorsey’s 21st Birthday. Happy Birthday to Taylor!!

Images curtsy of Jordan Neumann 

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