Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 19: May 18th

Sea kayaking today!

In the morning, after a quick breakfast, the group traveled down to the spit to meet up with our sea kayaking guides.  We took a sea taxi, a small boat, across the water to a small bay where our kayaks were located.  With an even number of students, we were situated into two person kayaks.  Each person received a splash skirt which covers the opening of the kayak (since sea Kayaking is considered a dry sport) and a life preserver for safety.  To begin, we learned how to enter and exit the kayak from the dock, and also how to safety exit in the event of a capsize. Luckily, no one tipped over their kayak.  We first traveled along the shore of the bay, looking at starfish and the occasional sea otter enjoying a meal.  We then circled back and cut across the bay to get back to the dock for lunch.  Unfortunately, because of windy conditions and rough waters, we weren’t able to complete the rest of the tour.  The ride back was grueling as our little sea taxi bobbed up and down on the swells of water.  Our guides navigated the boat to the best of their ability and tried to make our ride as comfortable as possible.  They were also generous to refund part of our expenses since the trip was cut short.  

The rest of the day was used to relax.  After a good workout from kayaking, many students took a nap while other wrote in their journals or worked on their class papers.  Since it was our last day in Homer, we all celebrated by going out to eat.  We chose Captain Pattie’s Fish House for dinner after a local recommendation.  The food was phenomenal!  As sea food restaurant, Captain Pattie’s offered fresh, flakey cuts of halibut and salmon, as well as scallops, prawns, and crab.  With so many options, a couple people split a sea food sampler while others knew exactly what they wanted and enjoyed sea food pastas, clam chowder, crab legs, and oysters. A select few also enjoyed homemade desserts which could be classified as sweet morsels from heaven.  

With an early morning tomorrow, after dinner, everyone went back to the Ocean House Inn to digest and pack. 

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