Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 12: May 11th

Half of our time in Alaska has passed. 

It was an early Sunday morning compared to our usual weekend schedule since we wanted to be at the Alaska Native Heritage Center before the afternoon rush.  The museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibits.  Inside, we were able to listen to performances of Native Alaskan music and traditional dance as well as presentations on geography, canoes, and storytelling.  Other indoor exhibits on Native culture and values as well as a Mother’s Day craft station.  With a little convincing, students were able to pass as “kids” and let their inner artists shine.  No spoilers to all the mothers out there.  You’ll have to wait to see what everyone made. Outside, a Native Alaskan village was established around a lake.  We could walk around the lake to different structures and replicas of artifacts including totem poles and a fishing wheel.  Upon entering a Native building, you could listen to a presentation about the structure and its cultural significance to the Native people.  At one end of the village, there were tents housing Native artisans.  Visitors could purchase Native art, clothing, and other items.  A couple students took advantage of the tents for some souvenir shopping.  We left the museum at noon and had the rest of the day to ourselves.  Being Mother’s day, students worked on art projects and called their mothers to catch up and talk about their experiences on the trip so far.  It wasn’t until the late afternoon that the group reconvened to plan the evening activities. It was decided that we would split into three sections sections.  One group went to the local mall to shop and ice skate.  The other group traveled over to the Flat Top trail head to climb the mountain.  For those who didn’t want to participate in either activity, they could stay at the house to read, watch television, or nap.  Whether they were practicing their triple jumps on ice skates or watching the sun set of Anchorage from Flat Top Mountain, everyone made the most of their time for our last weekend in Anchorage.  

Photo courtesy of Karla Rubio


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