Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 20: May 19th

Off to Seward!

Today was an incredibly early day! To get to Seward for the Kenai Fjords tour by 11 AM, we needed to be leaving Homer by 6:45 AM.  After getting in the bus, the majority of us instantly fell asleep. Some caught up on their journals or worked on the class paper, but willpower faded into sleep.  We got to Seward early and ready for the tour! We toured with the Kenai Fjords Tours out in Resurrection Bay.  Boating out into sea, we saw a little wildlife including two eagles and many other birds.  However, we hit the jackpot with our first whale sighting! A pod of orcas with a baby were swimming in a cove near Seward.  After watching them for a while, the curious orcas swam right up to the bow of our boat! With that topping off the beginning of the trip, we headed over to a glacier.  On our way, we saw a group steller sea lions.  For the view individuals who stayed at the bow of the ship, they were almost blown away by the intense winds created by the boat.  Once at the glacier, our captain talked about the loss of glacial ice over the years as well as the anatomy of the glacier.  Unfortunately, we only got to see a few small ice chunks calve off the glacier.  Heading back out to open ocean, we hit really rough water.  The boat was bouncing almost as bad as the small water taxi after our sea kayaking adventure.  From a distance, we saw a north pacific humpback whale and some dall porpoise.  Usually the porpoise love to play with the boat and chaise it; however, these ones were not interested.  The captain then took us to an island complex where tons of birds where roosting.  While traveling around the island, we saw a bald eagle snatch a bird clean out of the water! We traveled to a couple different islands in an attempt to see roosting puffins.  We saw many other roosting birds, but only saw a few flying puffin.  Heading back through choppy water, the crew of the ship made us chocolate chip cookies which tasted excellent after a long day out in the cold wind.  The total runtime of the tour was approximately six hours.  By the end, everyone was exhausted.  For dinner, we ordered in pizza and everyone enjoyed a meal together.  The rest of the evening was spent hanging out together and writing both journals and our final paper. 

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