Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 7: May 6th

The activities of today didn’t differ much from the previous day.  A few students painted the executive offices while others power washed sided and painted two awning-like structures attached to homes that Hope owned. However, unlike yesterday, it was drizzling constantly today.  Many staff members at Hope said that a day like today, mid-fifties and rainy could be a typical summer day…how dreary! Since only a certain amount of painting could be accomplished in the rain, our day ended early at 4 PM and we all left for home.  Everyone’s activity level was low as we all spread out to journal, nap, and have a snack.  Dinner was on our own and everyone made food they had purchased from the grocery store.  With the weather continuing to be poor into the evening, everyone hung out inside.  

Due to the distance between work sites, there is no daily recap video for this day and minimal photos.  A compilation of multiple days will be made after a significant amount of footage is acquired.  
(C) 2014. All photos are the property of Benjamin Bogard. All rights reserved.

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