Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 16: May 15th

Last day at Hope!

It was a bittersweet day today as we finished our last day volunteering at Hope Community Resources.  While some students were happy to be rid of the paint brushes, we all won't be rid of the memories we have made during our time in Anchorage.  In just two short weeks that have flown by, we have made great friends with the staff of Hope and they have opened our eyes to new work styles, lifestyles, ideas, and values.  We were able to work at both ends of the volunteer spectrum.  With the Walk and Roll for Hope, we were able to see the fundraising side of Hope's work, getting out into the community to raise funds and awareness for the organization.  On the other end, we worked in maintenance, public relations, and in the discovery center where we were able to see how Hope puts their dollars to work to benefit the community and its clientele.

After our work day came to a close, we all got together in a board room with Hope's executive staff members.  We discussed what we experienced, what we learned, and how to improve the volunteer program.  We also were able to share some laughs over a delicious icecream cake! It was rich, chocolatey, and very difficult to only have one piece!

The majority of the evening was spent packing, doing laundry, and relaxing for our trip to Seward and Homer tomorrow.  However, to celebrate, everyone went to go bowling again since we had such a fun time the first go-round.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t cosmic bowling, but everyone still enjoyed their evening. Some students even won a free game after bowling a strike with a colored pin in the mix.  One student even got a turkey! (three strikes in a row)

Off to Homer tomorrow!

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